ZEH – Vinyl: Soft Metallic Flex – Metallic Rainbow / Holo


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Soft Metallic Flex – Metallic Rainbow / Holo is similar to stamping foil but is designed to be computer or laser cut. It is very durable and good for delicate designs.

Soft Metallic Flex – Metallic Rainbow / Holo has good elasticity and can be used for special fabrics such as blue jeans, swimming suits, aerobic suits, sportswear, water-proof wear, artificial leather, knitwear etc. The film can also can be attached on wood or steel.

Soft Metallic Flex – Metallic Rainbow / Holo is washable.

Available in Assorted Colours – See Gallery below.

Size: 250mm x 330mm.

NOTE 1: A Vinyl Cutting Fee – Per Size: 250mm x 330mm – of R25.00 / vinyl piece (ZAH9700) applies when purchasing these products.

NOTE 2: Image colours may differ slightly from actual product – Call us to arrange a viewing of our samples box to verify colours if necessary.

Additional information

Dimensions 250 × 330 cm

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